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"Distance" from Circus P. S., directed by Fang Yi-Ju Squaring the circle Clownish poetry around the circle in symbiosis with the Cyr wheel and the hula-hoops, this show rehabilitates the hoop, the circle, the Circassian circle. In a remarkable rigor supported by dance costumes, designed, pulled knife, in black and white, strict and effective, two dancers writhing, long mats doubled spine. A young man joins them, loving his magnetic wheel and makes it an ideal partner in a shared and contagious bliss and nirvana. Audacity, humor, clever joke too and a lot of dreams from a funny little character who sows a joyous zizanie in this universe that turns round but never breaks the challenge of the unheard of "never seen" in the field of harmony between an object and its "engine" to human energy. A parade in town also makes it a magical moment, inhabited by a young performer outstanding, fully dedicated to its purpose of transcendence, a wheel that makes its peacock without rhinestones or sequins: breathtaking!

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