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 about me 

Cyr-wheel   |   Hat juggling  |   Taiwan Circus Artist

Taiwan's first artist to create a million performing arts films

Engaged in performing arts for 7 years and has traveled to more than 20 countries

Soul of the waltz with cyr-wheel, reinterpreting the mean of performance art to life


"I just do what I like, then, do it best." - Yang 



France   |   Avignon Festival OFF   |   2018  |   Cyr wheel

Hong Kong   |   HINS's concert   |   2018  |   Cyr wheel

Austrlia  |  Hakka tourment  |  2017  |  Cyr wheel

Germany   |   Variete Am Seepark   |   2016  |   Hat juggling​

South America   |   CUBA circus festival   |   2016  |   Hat juggling​

Swizerland   |   YOUNG STAGE circus festival  |   2015  |   Hat juggling

 Special Skills 

The first one when I started my circus way, it's hat juggling.

He training hat juggling show just spend two years and then he started tour around all the circus festival, include YOUNG STAGE international circus festival and South America CIRCUBA circus festival, AVIGNON OFF etc...

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